Sea Salt

The only salt of its kind, these crystals have a delicate, hollow, pyramid-shaped structure.

As much care goes into the production of this salt as any salt anywhere in the world. The hand-harvesting begins on a remote sand beach, black from the lava of Bali's most sacred volcano, Gunung Agung where deep onshore currents bring vast quantities of minerals up to the ocean surface by the seashore. In the early morning twilight, the saltmakers, hand-carved yokes resting across their shoulders, haul sea water in buckets, which they sprinkle over black sand beds raked as smooth as glass.

During the heat of the day, the salt makers retreat to the shade while the sun bakes the black sand shore, evaporating the sea water to create crisp shards of salty sand. When the sun retreats, the saltmakers collect the shards in woven vessels, then make a brine for evaporation in halved bamboo timbers under the tropical sun.