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Vision Board

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This digital Vision Board is a powerful tool that visualizes your dreams on your computer screen keeping you inspired to achieve your goals. You can include your own dream images, empowering affirmations and chosen power words in your Vision Board, displaying the amazing future you intent to manifest. You can even add your choice of music and you can record your own voice to accompany your Vision Board! Your self chosen affirmations also show up in a pop up balloon on your screen for extra exposure. This unique system comes with libraries of affirmations, power words and images to make creating a personal Vision Board fast and easy. By focusing on your Vision Board at least twice a day, you are applying The Law of Attraction in a most powerful way. By constantly feeding your subconscious mind with positive affirmations and images of your dreams, and feeling as if you have already achieved them, you will attract your goals into your reality.

You can also set your vision board as your wallpaper, send it to a friend and print it out. You can even create a mini version of your vision board for your mobile devices like your cell phone, iPod, PDA and digital photo frames. The possibilities are endless!

Take your life to the next level, follow your bliss to success and enjoy a happier and fulfilling life by creating your own powerful Vision Board. The power of the mind is amazing; make your dream life come true NOW!

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