Healing is a journey that a client embarks on, not a procedure that the healer performs.

True healing is nothing less than an awakening to a vision of our healed nature and the experience of infinity.

The highest aim of the practitioner is to give the person back to themself.

Modalities Used By Michael & Jules

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy

In ancient Mongolia, there were formidable warriors known as the Purified Bodies. They were aware of stored emotional memory in the body. Between each battle they used specially shaped and polished tools made of bone, ivory or wood called a Ka. They used them to gently and firmly work between the individual muscles of their bodies and their horses bodies. This deep tissue massage prevented their bodies from remembering the fear and pain of their last battle. Hesitating for an instant could have cost them their lives. It is said the horses were so loyal from that grooming they would sacrifice themselves to save their riders.

For us the stakes are usually not so high. A healthy active body, free from past physical traumas, results in peak performance, active involvement and enthusiasm for life.

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy (DTMT) originates from these Purified Bodies. It releases fear stored in the body at cellular memory level.

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Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy is a method of counselling developed in the 1960's by Dr. William Glasser. The focus of Reality Therapy is to help counselees take ownership of their behavior and responsibility for the direction their lives take. Reality Therapy holds as its basic premise the notion that regardless of what has happened to us in our lives, or what we have done in the past, we are living and making choices here and now. Reality Therapy helps counselees become effective self-evaluators here and now, so they can learn to take their lives in the direction of health, control and responsibility.

While Reality Therapy emerged purely from Dr. Glasser's keen instincts and effective practice during the 1960's, it is now based firmly on Choice Theory.

Choice Theory

Choice Theory suggests that all we can do is behave, and all of our behaviour is internally motivated. Most of us spend our lives trying to mould the world to our individual idea of how we want it to be, - a fairly hopeless activity - instead of recognising that we are actually choosing to behave in ways which we hope will satisfy our five basic needs:

* Survival
* Power
* Love/Belonging
* Freedom
* Fun

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Natural Facial Treatment

  • Description

Experience an all natural facial treatment using 100% pure freshly prepared ingredients such as like bentonite, manuka honey, coconut oil, avocado depending on your skin type. Your 45 minute rejuvenating treatment will include a:

  • Therapeutic Face & Scalp Massage to relax & rejuvenate your face. 
  • Vapourising Face Steam with ozone therapy to deeply cleanse your pores
  • Deep Treatment Face Mask to moisturise 
  • Foot or Hand Massage to relax and stimulate your healing energies

45 minute Rejuvenating Facial - $75 

Jules is available in Courtenay Place on Mondays,

Tuesdays and Wednesdays,  and Raumati South on Thursdays & Fridays.

Other facial treatments include High Frequency Machine Therapy suitable for acne, dermatitis, superficial skin wounds.

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