Breath Of Life


The Breath of Life


The Breath of Life is a process based on yoga practices to teach us how to let go of pain, trauma and fear and to develop peace, empowerment, bliss and freedom.

The Breath of Life process is similar to but also quite different from some commonly known forms of Pranayama and the Wim Hof method. It is a more dynamic process that first utilises a type of fire breath that energises your bodymind. The following phase offers you very deep relaxation that allows for mental, emotional and physical blocks & impurities to be released. Not only do most participants experience very deep levels of release they also often experience greater self-awareness and a sense of peace similar to psychedelic or transcendental experiences.

It is a very simple process that everyone can do (no prior yoga or breath experience is required) and quickly brings powerful results. All that is required is that you are willing to learn and be present.

Come along and experience this profoundly transformational life practice - you may be blown away by the impact it has on your life.

Breath is life & life is Breath!

Facilitator: Michael Hayman
Where: Yoga Centre for Higher Self, Level 1, 1 Marion Street, Wellington
When: Saturday 28 April 2018: 7.00pm to 9.30pm
Cost: $30

Registration Information

Numbers are limited so please register early to avoid disappointment.

NB. No refunds will be given within 7 days of class date. Transfers to another class may be possible up to 2 days before the class date which may incur a $5 transfer fee. No transfers are possible after then.  If your class has to be cancelled you can either receive a refund or a credit.

Payment Options: Save 3% by paying by bank transfer.  Other options: American Express, cheque, JCB, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa debit.