Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy - The Ultimate Deep Tissue Massage

In ancient Mongolia, there were formidable warriors known as the Purified Bodies. They were aware of stored emotional memory in the body. Between each battle they used specially shaped and polished tools made of bone, ivory or wood called a Ka. They used them to gently and firmly work between the individual muscles of their bodies and their horses bodies. This deep tissue massage prevented their bodies from remembering the fear and pain of their last battle. Hesitating for an instant could have cost them their lives. It is said the horses were so loyal from that grooming they would sacrifice themselves to save their riders.

For us the stakes are usually not so high. A healthy active body, free from past physical traumas, results in peak performance, active involvement and enthusiasm for life.

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy originates from these Purified Bodies. It releases fear stored in the body at cellular memory level.

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy is a therapeutic and curative process which works through the armament and liberates the not only the body but also the mind and the emotions. It is a specific, scientific and systematic method of eliminating biochemic wastes, fibrous connective tissue and tension from the body allowing blocked emotional and psychological energy and cellular memory fears to be brought to the surface and released.

The physical goal in Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy is to sculpture the skeletal system and return the natural postural alignment and full rotational movement to all joints. Muscles are relaxed, separated and elongated systematically while dissolving layer upon layer of individual tight, fibrous, contracted and spasmotic tissues until the practitioner can finally sculpture the skeletal structure bringing a state of "ease" to the "diseased" area, allowing the healing and recuperative potential within to return health and wellbeing to the body-mind. The practitioner uses his hands at first and then later on the ka sticks if necessary.

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy Recognizes Two Basic Systems of Muscles that are Keys to Our Optimum Health:

1.  An exterior group of large muscles which are used for grasping and taking in the exterior world to the inside.  These extrinsic muscles are the strong muscles of work.

2.  A set of lighter, more interior muscles used to support and protect the interior of the body.  These intrinsic muscles carry Ka current (inner energy or Chi) to the outside world.

The body has layers of muscle that must be flexible and of good tone in order to interact properly with each other.  When exterior larger muscles become tight and fibrous, they put an added strain or work load on the interior smaller muscles.  This weakens the interior muscles and affects the entire body on many levels.  The most common effect is the shortening of muscle, tendon and ligaments, pulling the skeletal structure closer together which usually results in bone, nerve and muscle irritation and dis-ease.

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy Is the Study of Fear

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy is the study of fear stored in the body at cellular memory level.  Every cell in our bodies has a memory component that is linked to our holographic mindbody.  If that memory is one of pain, trauma or fear then the cell walls have a decreaded electrical potential and and are therefore less permeable.  This means that metabolic toxins find it harder to travel out of the cell and oxygen and nutrititive substances find it harder to travel inside the cell.  Over time the the tissues that the cells are composed over develop increasingly larger amounts of stress.  If the tissues are muscles they develop tension, if they are organs they develop stress and disease.  Injury, accidents, failure and death can also be attracted by these so-called 'negative' memories. 

Long after the mind has stopped thinking about past fears, avoidances and injuries, the body still carries these fears at a deep cellular muscular level.  These muscles form a band of armament around the body that blocks out or buffers pain and fear from the outside world.  This armament also "locks in" psychological and emotional energy that needs to be released into the outer  world.  The D.T.M.T. process works through the armament and liberates the body, allowing the blocked emotional and psychological energy, and cellular memory fears to be brought to the surface and dissipated.

Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy is designed to free physical blockage, to stimulate and guide the releasing of the blocked emotional and mental energy.  The body therapy is done with complete awareness of the muscular/skeletal/neural resistance levels and systematically massages off layers of body armour.  While accomplishing this, there is the examination and exploration of the body's electro-magnetic fields, circulation system, nervous system, elimination system, meridians, energy channels, organs, right down to the skeletal systems.  One can then understand the oriental philosophy of:

                                                          "Within the examination and exploration of the body is the cure"

The result is an elongated, toned body with muscles and skeletal structure working at optimum elasticity and rotation, and a "united" healthier physical, emotional and mental body.

Through the union of breathing, massage and metaphysical exploration, physical, emotional and psychological tensions are released. Circulation is enhanced, allowing blood, oxygen, nourishment and energy to travel freely and easily to everywhere in the body.

Dietary and lifestyles changes may also be included as part of the healing program.


*  Releases chronic and acute tensions e.g. neck, shoulders, back, abdomen and limbs.

*  Releases fibrous spasmodic tissue in traumatised muscles and soft tissue. Breaks down excessive connective tissue and adhesions throughout the muscular structures.

* Enhances neural pathways and energy flow.

* Restores optimum blood and lymphatic flows.

* Removes biochemical waste accumulated within tissues.

* Returns mobility to joints.

* Improves absorption, digestion, metabolism and elimination.

* Improves scar tissue and heals injuries.

* Releases psychological and emotional “locked-in" tensions.

* Brings freedom, clarity and harmony.

The Practitioner

Michael Hayman was awarded a Diploma of Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy after completing studies in Sydney in 1986, where he also gained Diplomas of Remedial Massage and Clinical Hypnotherapy. He also trained in Orthomolecular Nutrition, Voice Dialogue, Counselling, Shiatsu, Sports Medicine, and as a Yoga Teacher. He now offers his wide experience and skills focussing on holistic wellbeing - positive physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health.


“Michael combines years of experience in the personal development field with a deep compassion for human beings. He is one of the finest bodyworkers I have encountered.” - Brendan Nichols, Author & Motivator, Sydney, Australia.

“Michael is extremely professional, knowledgeable, sincere and precise - the after-effect of treatment is a magical feeling of wellbeing and relaxation - for mind and body alike. I recommend Michael highly.” - Baroness van Haersolte, Yoga Teacher, Sydney, Australia.

"I feel that you demonstrate love to others with clarity and intensity. I am in awe of your skill and vision and thank you for all you have given me." - Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Company Director, Wellington, NZ.

“I have had a lot of massages in my life, being a dancer and touring all over the world, but Michael's massages are the best in the world.” - Catherine Martin, Dancer, Campagnie Philippe Genty, Paris, France.

“Michael is a brilliant, gifted and unique healer.” - Robert Kiyosaki, Author (Rich Man, Poor Man, etc), educator, businessman, Oregon, USA.

“Michael has developed knowledge of the close relationship of our physical tension patterns to our emotional patterns. He has the ability to not only give an excellent massage but to help his clients to identify behaviours that contribute to their tension and pain. His deep tissue work enabled me to obtain immediate improvement and healing.” - Ken Buckley, Health Programs Instructor, Sydney, Australia.

“It is with such enthusiasm that I can recommend Michael and his work. Having suffered the damage of childhood physical, emotional and sexual abuse - as well as having polio - I have been working with many healing practitioners for much of my life. My recent work with Michael was without doubt the most extraordinary in my experience. Our five sessions together have dynamically helped me to move forward to a place of physical wellbeing and emotional empowerment that I have not previously known. I found Michael an exceptionally gifted healer, possessing not only an astonishing repertory of skills but also a deeply intuitive knowledge of body and soul.” - Harvey Vincent, Film Director, Writer, Actor and Teacher, Paris, France.

"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas A Edison

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Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy