Health Self-Test Kits

CheckUp - Free Radical Urine Test Kit: Contains 2 Tests

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Click here for a link to .pdf guide

pH Reagent Test Kit

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Test saliva, urine or water for alkaline/acidity. Liquid pH tester provided in a dropper bottle with colour pH chart (good for approx 100 uses).

Ph Reagent Test Kit Instructions

1. Place 20 mls – about 2 tablspns - of the liquid to be tested in a clean glass or test tube & swirl it around & then pour the liquid  out.
2. Place another 20 mls of the liquid to be tested in the glass or test tube.
3. Place  2 – 3 drops of pH reagent  in the glass or test tube & swirl around.
4. Compare the colour of the liquid with the pH chart to obtain the pH of the liquid.

Litmus Paper pH Test Roll

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This strip litmus paper is 4 metres long, giving hundreds of tests from one roll.  It is calibrated to the human body pH range to give maximum accuracy. You only need to use 5mm per test.

Medical Disclaimer

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