Circulation Boosters

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Poor circulation?

Sore or cold feet?

Unsightly veins?

Swollen ankles?

The Circulation Booster combines centuries-old Eastern medicine and Western technology to give you a full body treatment.


Relax and let the machine's complex waveforms stimulate the reflex zones in your feet, in turn providing relief from common ailments and aiding general good health.

Introducing The Circulation Booster (Electro-Reflexologist) ~ a totally different approach to pain control.

The Circulation Booster can assist in improving your circulation and in relieving the symptoms of sore or cold feet, unsightly veins and swollen ankles that can make daily living uncomfortable.

Technology Eases the Discomfort

Traditional circulation treatments can be difficult & expensive to administer and may often yield patchy results. Thanks to The Circulation Booster, a growing number of people are discovering a better, pain-free way of life that's drug-free and non-invasive.

The Circulation Booster is the best available device to improve lower leg circulation. It is approved by the Australian TGA to stimulate the lower body muscles through the nerve points in the feet. Helps to improve blood circulation, relieve stress, fatigue, aches and pain, provide immediate help with arthritic pains, can aid fast recovery from muscular injury. Rebates are available from some health funds. This device comes with 3 sets of body pads to target specific body aches and pains. It also features a remote control for ease of use.

Even in the most difficult of circumstances, the Circulation Booster has produced outstanding results in helping circulatory problems.