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Buy any model Green Star Juice Extractor & receive either a free copy of Dr Norman Walker's very helpful book "Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juices" or $25 off Elysa Markowitz's highly recommended $50 book "Living With Green Star" & also a free 250g bag of 30% hemp protein powder!!!

Winner of Numerous International Awards
The Green Star juicer is a multi-functional food processor that keeps the vital elements of fruit and vegetables alive and it now sets the standard by which all other juicers are measured. Just some of the advantages of this juice extractor are:

* Does not use the ordinary, high rotation centrifugal system, but dual gears designed on the traditional mortar and millstone principle which extract juice even from skins and seeds of all vegetables and fruits, as well as wheatgrass and hard substances such as grains and pine needles.

* Has ceramic magnets inside the gears which remove the smell of greens, enhances the taste of juice and facilitates the activation of ions keeping the juice alive for longer.

* Rotates at a slower speed than other machines (90 rpm) avoiding heating and physical shock to produce, thereby preventing the oxidation and destruction of any nutrients, including vitamins and enzymes. This assists cellulose in cleansing the internal organs. It also produces juice with fresher, better taste, that can be stored for longer periods than other juicers.

* Separates heavy metals found in cellulose, eliminating the metal and agricultural chemicals absorbed through the soil as the plant grows, producing a pollution-free juice or food.

* Is made of pollution-free and non-toxic resins and stainless steel.

* Is easy to operate, vibrates less and is quieter than other machines.

* Extracts larger quantities of juice from minimal quantities of produce.

* Is easy to dismantle, clean and re-assemble.

* Has built-in double safety devices.

* Is five machines in one: Provides multi-purpose functions for making foods such as frozen desserts, baby foods, rice cakes, nut butters and there is even a pasta-making attachment!

50%-200% Higher Mineral Content

Independent laboratory tests confirm that Green Star's Twin Gear Press extracts a substantially higher quantity of minerals than "leading" juicers. Concentrations of essential minerals, like calcium, iron, and zinc are 50%-200% higher in juice from Green Star than in juice from other brands. Now, your commitment to drinking raw juice can really begin to pay off!

Finally, You can Take Your Juice to Work!

Green Star slowly and gently presses out your juice. There is no wildly spinning basket or destructive, high-speed chopping blade. Therefore, heat and impact shock are virtually eliminated, significantly reducing oxidation. The result? More of the delicate nutrients survive! Now you can juice just once in the morning, keep your juice in the refrigerator and drink high-quality, enzyme-rich juice all day long. Truly the breakthrough we've all been waiting for.

Dr. Norman Walker Proved it Years Ago

Not everyone has access to organic produce. Once again, Green Star comes to the rescue. With common, high-speed juicers, chemical residues tend to be flung into the juice. However, numerous experiments by Dr. Norman Walker proved that when vegetables are slowly ground and compressed, toxic metals with high specific gravities (for example, mercury, lead) naturally bind with cellulose(pulp) and stay out of the juice. Yet another way in which Green Star delivers the healthiest possible juice.

The World's First Magnetized Juice Extraction System

Green Star is the first and only juice extractor in the world to employ powerful magnets to help create maximum nutritional quality. With this breakthrough technology, Green Star has achieved results no other juicer can claim or even come close to, for that matter.

Further Protection from Oxidation

The magnets are built into the rotating twin gears, so the juice passes through a powerful magnetic field as it is being extracted. This enhances the paramagnetic properties of alkaline minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. The combined effect of magnetism and Green Star's slow rotational speed is a dramatic reduction in the rate of juice oxidation: You can store it in your refrigerator overnight with minimal loss of nutritional value. For years, juicing experts have advised us to drink our juice immediately, as it loses most of its nutritional value within the first fifteen minutes. With other juicers, this is still true. However, Green Star has changed the rules.

Better Tasting Juice!

Let's face it; Some high-potency green juices are less palatable than others, Yet you don't want to forego their tremendous health benefits. Green Star's strong magnetic field actually mellows the taste of these powerful juices, so you can drink them without "making a face". And all juices, whether pungent or not, come out with a noticeably fresher taste due to Green Star's magnetizing effect. Yes, the juice from Green Staris not only higher in nutrients, it even tastes more alive.

Green Star Does It All!

Who ever heard of a juice extractor that can handle wheatgrass, plus make pasta, baby foods, desserts, mochi(rice cakes) and nut butters? Green Power does an excellent job of processing all your raw nuts and grains without destructive heat.* Once you've tasted these fresh items, you'll never buy them in the jar again. All your sprouted grains, such as wheat and spelt, go right through nicely and come out with a smooth texture. Delicious frozen desserts, like banana ice cream, come out just perfect. Green Power is by far the most versatile juice extractor on the market.

Green Power - International Award Winner

* Grand Prize Winner -   9th International Invention - New Products Exposition, Pittsburgh, United States, May 1993
* Silver Medal Winner -   International Exhibition of Inventions, Nurnberg, Germany, March 1993
* Korean President's 1st Prize -   1993 Invention Day, Seoul, Korea, May 1993
* Silver Medal Winner -   20th International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland, May 1993

Nothing Beats the Original - 4 Important Reasons Why Green Star Juice Extractors Are Still the Best

Some new competitors are attempting to imply that their dual-gear juicing mechanism is as good as the original Heavy Duty (HD) Twin Gear juicing system featured in the Green Star Juice Extractor. However, these dual-gear imitations do not have 5 important features found exclusively in the Green Star.

1. Pocket Recesses

The teeth of the Twin Gears featured in the Green Star Juice Extractor were designed with special pocket recesses to aid in processing hard vegetables like carrots. The pocket recesses create a sharper edge at the initial grinding phase of the juicing process and reduces the amount of strain exerted by the Green Star's motor when processing harder produce.

Imitation juicers have dual gears with flat teeth. As a result, they are less efficient at handling harder vegetables and require you to use more effort to push the vegetables through the juicer. This excess strain may also be transferred to the motor, possibly diminishing its useful life.

In contrast, the specially designed pocket recesses appearing on every tooth of the Twin Gears featured in the Green Star Juice Extractor simplifies the juicing process and ensures that the Green Star will last for many years.

2. Cutting Points

The Green Star's Twin Gears have special cutting points on each of the gears that allow it to handle a wider variety of produce without jamming or clogging. Imitation juicers do not have these special cutting points on their dual gears, and may become tangled or clogged when processing certain types of vegetables. In fact, these problems have prompted some imitating brands to create an auto-reverse function to interrupt the juicing process if tangling should occur. However, don't be fooled into thinking that this feature is an improvement over the Green Star. The cutting points and pocket recesses of the Twin Gears ensure that the Green Star will not become tangled or jammed while juicing - making an auto-reverse function unnecessary, and undesirable. In fact, the auto-reverse function of imitation dual-gear juicers may inconveniently interrupt the juicing process when processing harder or stringy vegetables even when it is unnecessary.

3. Pressure Adjustment Mechanism

The Green Star allows you to easily adjust the amount of pressure that is required for pulp ejection in order to effectively handle a wider variety of produce without jamming or clogging. Different types of produce require a different amount of pressure within the juicing chamber in order to most be most efficiently processed. For example, harder vegetables like carrots require more pressure in order to squeeze the most amount of juice from the pulp, whereas wheatgrass and other leafy greens require that less pressure be exerted in the juicing process. The Green Star allows you to adjust the amount of pressure without having to stop juicing - allowing you to use a wide variety of produce in one session for your maximum convenience. Other imitation dual-gear juicers do not have a pressure adjustment mechanism and are not as versatile as the Green Star. As a result, you may find that these imitation dual-gear juicers will often back up or clog when juicing certain varieties of produce.

4. Exclusive Magnetic & Bioceramic Technology

The Green Star exclusively features magnetic and bioceramic technology in its Twin Gear juicing system that allows it to extract juice of higher nutritional content. The magnets create a focused magnetic field that rearranges clusters of water so that it can latch on to more the valuable vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and extract it into your juice. The bioceramic material inside the Twin Gears utilize the kinetic energy of the turning gears to emit far-infrared - the wavelength at which water and all organic material naturally oscillates. This has a stabilizing effect on your juice by delaying oxidation and allows your extracted juice to remain fresher longer. Independent laboratories have done extensive testing on the juice yielded from the Green Star and compared it with other leading juicing technologies and have found that the juice coming from the Green Star's Twin Gear juicing system was of superior nutritional content and had important characteristics lengthening the stability of the juice and its enzyme activity. Other dual-gear juice extractors do not have this technology, and may even heat your juice, leading to increased oxidation and diminished enzyme activity.

The technology of the original Twin Gear juicing system featured exclusively in Green Star machines are often imitated because of its reputation of yielding juice of unsurpassed nutritional quality and its ease of use. However, these imitations have always fallen short of the exceptionally high standards set by the Green Star.

More On Twin Gears

At only 110 revolutions per minute, minimal heat build up develops in the juice and therefore initial oxidation is delayed allowing more leisurely consumption while getting full nutritional benefits. A recent independent comparative study on how 5 different juicers effect juice stability showed that apples at 59.9°F juiced in a Green Star only increased in temperature bit over 1/2 of 1 degree to 60.44°F. The other 4 juicers ranged from almost 3 1/2 degrees to over 14°F higher than the original temperature of the fruit.

At the core of each rotating gear is a series of in-line magnets that produce a focused magnetic field of 2600 gauss through which the juice flows during the juicing process. As it flows through the focused field, large clusters of water molecules in the juice are broken up into smaller clusters of water molecules. The smaller clusters are able to latch onto more minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium than the larger clusters -- meaning you get more nutrition from each drop of juice in a suspended coloidal form that the body can use for a longer length of time.

Far Infrared is the natural resonant frequency range of water and allergenic substances including man. We call it the life force frequency. Infrared wave length ranges from .7 to 1000 microns, just beyond visible light. Far Infrared is a part of this wave length family we use in Infrared photography, mapping the earth's surface, and guiding missles to their target. Our skin radiates 9.36 microns Far Infrared wave which is very close to the resonant frequency of a water molecule - and rightly so since our bodies are about 70 % water. Far Infrared waves are the safest and most beneficial energy source available.

Green Star places a specially formulated bioceramic material around the in-line magnets at the core of each twin-gear. The BIoceramiccompound uses the mechanical energy from the turning of the twin-gears to generate Far Infrared waves that penetrate the water within the juice. Since water naturally resonates at this frequency, the water molecules not only receive the Far Infrared energy, but also radiate it, thus further stabilizing the fragile structure of the juice.

Nothing beats the original!

Guarantee: 5 years

For more info:

We use this juicer at our house and at Health, Fasting and Rejuvenation retreats.

A brochure and a demonstration is available on request.

We have 3 models for you to choose from:

Heavy duty twin gear technology for the best juice from the best juicer. Includes homogenising blank.

Price: $1070 including freight.

Identical as the 1000 but includes coarse screen, strainer, wooden plunger and drip tray.

Price: $1120 including freight.

Identical as the 2000 but includes pasta maker/bread stick/rice cake maker set

Price: $1170 including freight.

Comparisons between the Green Star Juicer Models Model Number
Features GS-1000 GS-2000 GS-3000
Juicing System Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear Exclusive Heavy Duty Twin Gear
Magnetic & bioceramic technology to extract more minerals Yes Yes Yes
Pocket recess of each tooth of gear for easier juicing Yes Yes Yes
Built in mechanism to cut stringy fibres Yes Yes Yes
Fine screen for vegetable juicing Yes Yes Yes
Coarse screen for pulpy juice Optional Yes Yes
Homogenizing blank for making nut butters, baby foods, and fruit sorbets Yes Yes Yes
Pulp adjusting knob to control pressure on the pulp to produce maximum juice quantity Yes Yes Yes
Plastic plunger Yes Yes Yes
Wooden plunger Yes Yes Yes
Juice pitcher Yes Yes Yes
Carrying handle Yes Yes Yes
Electrical cord storage compartment Yes Yes Yes
Pasta maker Optional Optional Yes
Mochi maker Optional Optional Yes
Pulp adjusting knob for soft fruit juicing Optional Optional Optional
Capacity of motor 190 watts 190 watts 190 watts
(1/4 hp) (1/4 hp) (1/4 hp)
Squeezing HP 4 hp 4 hp 4 hp
Clearance between the two gears 4/1000 inch 4/1000 inch 4/1000 inch
Switch button operation One touch operation One touch operation One touch operation
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years
Machine & Accessories Weight 21 lbs 22.5 lbs 23 lbs
Shipping Weight 29 lbs 30.5 lbs 31 lbs
Size (W)x(H)x(D) 20-3/14"x 20-3/14"x 20-3/14"x
10"x 15" 10"x 15" 10"x 15"
Normal Retail Price $1070 $1120 $1170
Model No. GS-1000 GS-2000 GS-3000