Oscar Vital Max 900 Juicer Ice Crusher/Multi-Slicer Attachment

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With the Ice Crusher/Multi-Slicer attachment, the Oscar can crush ice to a high standard. You can also process vegetables which are the ideal thickness for stirfrys - the Oscar will slice the vegetables thinly, to an 'almost full moon' shape, so your food can be cooked for a minimal time to assist in retaining more nutrients. The Ice Crusher/Multi-Slicer attachment is easy to attach to your Oscar Juicer, so there's no mess and no fuss.

The attachment simply clips onto the Oscar Vital Max 900, replacing the original front end, so there's no need to change any locking clips.

The Oscar Vital Max Ice Shaver/Multi Slicer Attachment is a must have!

Slices vegetables effortlessly for stir-fries and instant salads.
The Ice slicer is designed for the general preparation of Ice based drinks and Frozen cocktails - also ideal for garnishing plates.

* Perfect slicing results in no time. No mess, no fuss and no cut fingers.
* Easy to use - just screws onto the front end of your Oscar.
* Good sized feeding chute so you can slice most items from a single stick of celery to apple pieces.
* Slices are thin and consistent without the mess of using a knife.
* Safe to use - fingers are always at a protected distance from blades.
* Achieve better results in less time and with less effort.
* Slices Tomatoes, Oranges, Lime and Lemons. Even Shaves Ice - Perfect for Cocktails, Drinks, Parties & Slurpies!


Slice potatoes into the finest, consistent chips. Create fantastic looking Julienne veggies for your next stir fry. Grate cheese and fruit for intense flavour-filled pies, casseroles and deserts. Slice fresh vegetables for the best looking salad you've ever made. You can slice up most fruits and vegetables. It's all possible with the Ice Shaver/Multi Slicer Attachment, and it's done in just seconds. Amazingly fruits and vegetables are not enough for this incredible device. It also shaves ice. That's right, perfect for your cocktails, drinks, parties and of course slurpies.

Whether you're an Experienced Chef or a Home Cook, you will Love the Ice Shaver/Multi Slicer Attachment 

Please note: Oscar juicer not included with this item.

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Please note this video shows both the Oscar Vital Max Ice Crusher/Multi-Slicer Attachment and the

Oscar Vital Max Mincemeat Attachment which is not currently available

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