Fasting Retreats

Celebrate Your Life & Rejuvenate Yourself

★ Learn about fasting and detoxification
★ Cleanse your bodymind on many different levels
★ Discover how to heal and rejuvenate
★  Learn how to integrate fasting and delicious, energising raw foods into your life and enjoy optimum health and wellbeing
★ Create new healthy goals and enjoy optimum health and wellbeing
★ Let go your cares and walk the path of beauty.

★ Develop your life vision and prepare to bring your dreams into reality.

Transform Your Life... A fast is a special event in one's life, an event that will be remembered and celebrated for a long time. It requires only that you are ready to live closer to your essence and this is the right time for you to participate. Soon dramas, impediments and toxins begin dissolving and eliminating, your windows of perception are cleansed and your life will be transformed forever...

Rejuvenate Yourself... Fasting has been practised throughout history and is still used by many cultures, healers and spiritual teachers as the optimum path for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual purification, healing and rejuvenation.

Ongoing scientific research in a range of animals confirms what people who fast experience - reducing calorific intake is the single most important factor to stay younger longer and increase health and life span. It has uncovered an astonishing range of benefits - it will consistently increase not only the average life span of a population but also the maximum life span. Not only does it increase lifespan, but all major diseases are postponed or eliminated and the animals stay younger longer - up to 70% longer. Research is continuing into these powerfully rejuvenating and healing effects. Today, fasting is used throughout the world for purification, regeneration and for healing disease, giving impressive results. You may be surprised to discover how easy fasting is and you'll enjoy feeling empowered being able to look after your health and wellbeing and rejuvenate yourself.

Learn how to Detoxify & Rejuvenate
You will learn about different types of fasting to enable you to choose your own personal combination of juice, water and air fasting. You will be totally free to fast on what feels right for you. Some participants choose to do the entire 7 days on juices and some choose a combination. You will be optimally guided and supported whatever you choose. 

The retreat is a fast of delicious raw foods under the guidance of experienced fasting and raw food teachers Michael Hayman and Jules Barber.

You will learn about different types of fasting to enable you to choose your own personal combination of juice, water and air fasting. You will be totally free to fast on what feels right for you. Some participants choose to do the entire fast on juices and some choose a combination. You will be optimally guided and supported whatever you choose.

The retreat  includes:

★ A SUPERVISED FASTING & DETOXIFICATION PROGRAM based on Dr. Bernard Jensen's world-renowned cleansing and alkalising program with:

• fresh organic fruit, vegetable, wheatgrass and aloe juices, herbs, zeolite, bentonite, diatomaceous earth, activated charcoal and purified alkaline ionised water.

• self-administered ozonated colonic irrigation.
★ A PERSONAL CONSULTATION to assist you to identify  and plan towards achieving your personal health goals.

★ A DAILY PROGRAM of activities for you to choose from  including yoga, chi kung, meditation, gentle stretching, Feldenkrais and breathwork. You choose your level of participation - all parts of the programme are optional.

★ INFORMATION & DISCUSSION on the benefits of fasting, raw nutrition and creating and living a healthy life.

★ A HUGE SELECTION  of educational, inspirational books, audio/video tapes and dvds.  Topics include health and wellbeing, raw nutrition, fasting, motivation, meditation, physical  and mental peak performance and much more.

Enjoy combining powerful cleansing and rejuvenation techniques with hatha yoga, meditations, chi kung, kum nye, NLP, breathing techniques and massage and also learn to prepare delicious raw foods and drinks.

Enjoy walks in nature around the property.

Relax on our infrared jade massage bed or vibrasaun, breathing oxygen, listen to meditations or music or use our mind machines! 

You may join us as residential or non-residential. You may also choose your level of participation - all parts of the programme are optional.

Develop Clarity & Inner Peace and take away with you new skills and new goals, feeling refreshed, re-energised, rejuvenated and refocused on your life.

The venue is a very peaceful country venue:
Strathean in Old Hautere Rd, Te Horo, Otaki .

Delight in massage, play, meditation, walks in nature around the property. Enjoy abundant time for relaxation and personal needs and/or your own spiritual practice as the daily program - which is optional - finishes around 2.00pm.

The Teachers

The retreats will be led by Michael Hayman and Jules Barber.

Michael’s journey of healing began at 17 when he was diagnosed first with Hepatitis A, next with Hepatitis B and then with Hepatitis C. Lastly he was diagnosed with irreversible cirrhosis of the liver. He spent 2 years very ill, his health continuing to decline, on a sickness benefit before learning about and practising fasting and eating raw foods and he healed himself.  Shortly after, he was diagnosed with cancer in both lungs.  Rejecting mainstream medical treatment, he again chose to explore natural methods of healing including fasting and raw foods and cured himself.  Now with almost 40 years fasting, nutrition, bodywork and personal growth experience, Michael is dedicated to assisting others to live their fullest life possible and achieve the best health possible.

Jules Barber is a natural health consultant, bodyworker & wellbeing coach who has enjoyed integrating fasting into her life for many years.

Michael and Jules have led many fasting and rejuvenation retreats including a 43 day retreat. They will be participating in the fasts and will also be available for private consultations.

Comments from previous retreats...

"As someone who had never fasted, I was sceptical about my ability to complete a ten day fast. My experience with Michael and the others in the group has completely changed my view and made me extremely comfortable with fasting and cleansing." - R.S., Wgtn, NZ.

"The course was extremely well organised and led very supportively which made fasting an experience which was easy. I was feeling a little apprehensive before the retreat as a ten day fast seemed a long time. The days passed so quickly I surprised myself. The program was a great balance of bodywork, yoga, meditation and fun. I now feel refreshed, physically, mentally and spiritually." - L.C., Wgtn, NZ.

"I am delighted with the increase in my energy, find myself more inspired and clear about my future, and most of all, surprised at how easy it is to fast in a supportive, nurturing and relaxing environment." - P.C., Wgtn, NZ.

"Excellent. The course was skilfully balanced, each activity enhancing the whole. Michael worked hard to provide all the ingredients for the retreat. However the key to its success was his loving care to make a safe space for the personal changes to happen and in his many skills." - C.B., Wgtn, NZ.

"Very good. I enjoyed it very much. The course provided a very easy environment to undertake my first fast in. It was nice having the flexibility to choose our own program." - P.B., NZ.

"Made me stop and evaluate my life. Made me feel and think of others as special and loving souls. It was the most enriching and enlightening retreat of self indulgence I have ever had." - M.S.,Wgtn, NZ.

"This has been a fuller and greater experience than I anticipated. I thought fasting meant not eating but I have gained incredible awareness and feel empowered. I left my fears behind on day one and found the process to be a real awakening. I have made friends with my body. Michael was an excellent facilitator who was not intrusive but acknowledged our individuality and respected our personal boundaries. I felt very safe." M.H., Wgtn, NZ.

"Stimulating, enlightening, invigorating, fun, educational and rejuvenating. Absolutely fantastic." J.H., Wgtn, NZ.

"Excellent. This course has changed my outlook on life, solved many questions I was asking myself and boosted me forward into a healthier future. It was a catalyst along my journey." - G.F., Te Horo, NZ.

"Gave me a 'moist nose, shiny coat, four paws good, tail in the air' kind of feeling - not also forgetting a bright eyed, bushy tailed look. Great & inspiring!" - A.J., Wgtn, NZ.

"Excellent course. Very inspirational and empowering. Michael created a very supportive environment to fast in and look at other issues in my life. He is very confident and knowledgeable on all aspects of health and wellbeing. A quietly inspirational "coach" who is evidence that what he teaches works." - K.B., Wgtn, NZ.

"Very good - particularly for first time fasters. A supportive, nurturing environment for people ready to change their lives for the better. Michael and Jules are passionate and committed to providing a very high quality of service." J.B., Raumati, NZ.

"Jules and Michael induct retreatants into a simple yet radical inquiry - put aside all your eating habits for a while, cleanse and relax your body and then discover what food is really good for you. The benefits of completing a number of fasting retreats have been personally immense. Leading by example, their experience, practical wisdom and support have assisted me to move ahead on the path to sustainable wellbeing. I give them five stars!"  Stephen Archer, Director, Wellness Solutions Ltd

"A great experience..with this support & in this environment I proved to myself that I could do it & am pleasantly surprised by the results.  I now have no fear of fasting & will confidently do it again.  I gained a lot of new information and feel much calmer in facing life."  R.E.M, Wgtn.

"I loved your humour & positivity & enthusiasm!  Your joint  vast knowledge in so many areas created a wonderful foundation for which I can now go deeper into."  S.S; Napier.

"The retreat was extremely beneficial for me.  I am changing my choice of food & eliminating old habits.  I always though I was a healthy person, but now I am taking that health to another level."  J.F; Wgtn.

"I only did 2 days but could already feel the benefits. I have a sense of hope that some of the things I felt had become "fixed", and has been a very worthwile 2 days."

"Fasting possesses great power. If practised with the right intention, it makes a friend of God."  -

“The light of the world will illuminate within you when you fast and purify yourself."       - Mahatma Gandhi  

"I often observe in fasting participants... concentration seems to improve, creative thinking expands, depression lifts, insomnia stops, anxieties fade, the mind becomes more tranquil, and a natural joy begins to appear. It is my hypothesis that when the physical toxins are cleared from the brain cells, mind-brain function automatically and significantly improves, and spiritual capacities expand."  - Gabriel Cousens, MD, Founder, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Arizona

Registration Information

Numbers are limited so please register early to avoid disappointment.

NB. No refunds will be given within 14 days of retreat starting date. Transfers to another retreat may be possible up to 8 days before the retreat starting date which may incur a $50 transfer fee. No transfers are possible after then.  If your retreat has to be cancelled you can either receive a refund or a credit.

Remember you can attend any retreat for as many days as suits you. 

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Dates for 2017:

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- Labour Weekend Fasting & Rejuvenation Retreat: Friday 20 - Wednesday 25 October 2017, Strathean, Te Horo, Otaki
SPECIAL SAVING - Refer a friend & you receive a $50 discount for this retreat

Labour Weekend Fasting & Rejuvenation Retreat 2017

  • Description

When: Friday 20 October at 8pm to Wednesday 25 
October at 3pm.

Format: A 5 day fast.

Facilitator: Michael Hayman & Jules Barber

The fee for the retreat is $775 reduced to $745 if paid in full by Friday 29 September. The daily rate is $170 reduced to $160 if paid in full by Friday 29 September

A limited number of private rooms are available for those who book early. Please enquire about your own requirements.

SPECIAL SAVING - Refer a friend & you receive a $50 discount for this retreat if you are both attending the entire retreat

Labour Weekend Fasting & Rejuvenation Retreat 2017 - Daily Booking. If paying in full now please enter the number of days in the box underneath

  • Description

The daily rate is $170 reduced to $160 if paid in full by Friday 30 September