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Loving Earth Organic & Wildcrafted, Fair-Traded Products

Pure Wellbeing is the sole New Zealand distributor of Loving Earth products produced by Living Earth Pty Ltd in Melbourne, Australia.  Living Earth is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality organic and wildcrafted functional foods from around the world and buys and imports these products directly from the farmers/growers.

Scott Fry, the founder and director of Living Earth spent 11 years in community development work in  various countries including India and Mexico. In Mexico he worked with indigenous organic grower associations, helping them market and add value to their raw commodities, and he worked with a Mayan Indigenous grower association in Chiapas, Mexico where he was introduced to the magical qualities of the Royal Cacao of Xoconusco and to several environmental visionaries who are championing the organic movement in Mexico.

After experiencing the exceptional health benefits of consuming raw cacao, Scott began discovering some of the other traditional foods of Mexico and Latin America that have unique and powerful nutritional qualities. He founded Living Earth Pty. Ltd. to make these foods available to you in a way that honors both the indigenous people that have cultivated them for thousands of years and the earth and ecosystems in which they are grown.

Indigenous Growers - Products of Origin

Sourcing products from indigenous communities is a key part of Living Earth’s mission. This supports these unique communities in maintaining their cultural integrity. Most of the functional foods that we source have played a central role in the cultural heritage of the communities that have cultivated and/or harvested them from the wild ecosystems in which they live.

They are foods that have held special sacred significance for these indigenous cultures due to their life- enhancing qualities. By sourcing these products, we provide an environmentally sustainable source of income that also maintains the rituals and way of life that often revolves around the production of these products. Our objective is also to bring these foods to you in their cultural context, in the sense that we aim to share with you the great stories associated with each food.

Principle grower associations we are working with:

Mexico:  Royal Criollo Cacao of Xoconusco - The Mayan network of organic organizations
Peru: Maca - Association of Ecological Maca Growers of Junin

Conscious Consumerism - Environmentally sustainable, fair trade

Living Earth is based on the philosophy that the earth is a living organism, a concept that James Lovelock popularised with his “Gaia theory”. This is a concept that is at the heart of many indigenous cultures around the world. This philosophy promotes an immense respect for our environment and our own physical bodies as part of that environment. Eating foods, in their pure, minimally processed states that are grown organically in a sustainable way, is one of the most significant ways in which we can live this philosophy. Not only are we nurturing our own health and wellbeing but we are also nurturing the health and wellbeing of our planet.

Living Earth supports the conscious consumer movement by sourcing products that are produced according to specific environmental and social standards. Where possible we work directly with indigenous grower associations  to help inform end consumers of the environmental, social and cultural context in which the products are produced.

Following are the standards by which Living Earth sources products:

Environmental Conservation

* Produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides or herbicides.
* Cultivated in such a way as to help restore native ecosystems, prevent erosion and support water conservation.
* Utilizes integrative crop management systems.

Community Development

 * Produced according to Fair Trade standards, that involve producers and workers being paid a fair price.
 * Supporting healthy environments in which producers and their families live and work.
 * Re-investing in community infrastructure such as educational, health and other essential services.

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