Ozone Vibrosaun therapy combines heat, ozone and vibration. The comfortable, therapeutic, vibrating bed is encapsulated by the spacious unit in which dry sauna heat is circulated while negative ion charged air keeps the head and face fresh and cool. Coupled with ozone therapy while breathing pure oxygen the  vibrosaun will detox the body and relax the mind.

All the controls for heat, vibration and negative ion charged air flow can be controlled while you’re inside the vibrosaun.

How does it work?

The vibration movement relaxes the muscles while the heat dilates the blood vessels increasing the heart and pulse rate, increasing the blood flow and intake of oxygen. The body’s cells use oxygen to burn carbohydrates and fats. The increased and improved blood flow and intake of oxygen assists the kidney and the lymphatic system to accelerate the removal of lactic acid and body wastes. A healthier body full of vitality results.

Benefits include:

- Relieves muscular aches and pains
- Simulates exercise – improves muscle tone and promotes perspiration
- Increases circulation
- A relaxing environment to help relieve  tension and stress
- May relieve arthritic and rheumatic pain
- May relieve backache
- May assists with weight control
- May help reduce/regulate blood    pressure
- Helps eliminate body wastes
- Stimulates kidney function
- A proven aid for insomniacs

Session Length:

1 hour



Sessions are available over 7 days a week during the day & evenings

To book your session and for enquiries:

Please phone or text Michael 022 678 0795 or email health@purewellbeing.com