Spring Into Wellness: 5 Day Fasting & Detoxification Non-Residential Program in Raumati South or online Zoom: Monday 27 September to Friday 1 October

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Starting Monday 27 September join us for a 5 day fasting & detoxification experience. This is a non-residential fasting support program at Pure Wellbeing in Raumati South or online Zoom.

Fasting is the quickest, natural and most efficient way to cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate your bodymind. Whatever your reason - to heal, re-set, boost immunity, improve a health condition, lose weight or lighten up a sluggish system - a 5 day supported and guided fast will bring you positive, health-changing results. Spring is an exceptionally good time to do a detox; a time of renewal, growth and fresh energy. A fast is an investment in your greatest asset - your body and your wellbeing. Come invest in yourself and share the experience in a supported environment.

What it's about?
The aim is for you to feel supported and confident whilst doing a multiple day fast at home on your own.

Most of us know we can undertake a fast at home at any given time however... having the support of others, a place to convene, access to inexpensive organic produce and and detoxification equipment, renders the experience FAR EASIER, MORE ENJOYABLE and CONSIDERABLY MORE EFFECTIVE in every way.

How it works
We’ll all begin fasting on Monday 27 September. We'll meet each morning that week either at Pure Wellbeing in Raumati South or on Zoom. 

On the first day of the fast, you'll receive a set of fasting and detoxification guidelines and other information to assist you for the week.

Each morning we'll have a 90 minute group session and sharing circle. We’ll check in with how everyone is doing, share a discussion on the process of fasting and detoxification, Q & A time and overall group support for each other.

We'll also offer a 60 min Body & Breath class each morning with the focus being detoxification with movement and breath.

You'll be able to purchase some organic produce from us at a very reasonable price and collect it from Pure Wellbeing on Monday 6th. Produce will be dependent on availability. We’ll likely have carrots, beets, apples, kiwis, oranges that week. We can also arrange wheatgrass for you. Any produce we cannot supply, you'll source yourself.

We have alkaline ionised water available free of charge for you this week - this is the best quality water we know of and is extremely beneficial whilst detoxing. Please bring your own bottles to fill.

We'll have other recommended supplements and herbs available for you to purchase (eg bentonite, psyllium, aloe vera, turmeric and ginger powder) or you can source yourself.

We have one Angel juicer and several GreenStar juicers available for hire.  These are slow premium quality juicers. Some of you will have your own juicers.

Health Equipment to support your detox
At Pure Wellbeing we've established a holistic health clinic offering highly effective detoxification and health equipment.

We have the following equipment for you to use during your fast. This specialized equipment will majorly support your detoxification and the elimination of toxicity and inflammation from your body whilst you fast. We are making this equipment available to you at special discount prices for the week.

* Mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber (this is the optimal way to flood your tissues, cells and organs with oxygen and facilitate deep healing, stem cell production and detoxification)

* Ozone vibrosaun (combines heat, vibration and ozone therapy for the most effective detox experience available)

* infrared sauna mat & dome (full spectrum infrared sauna offers the most effective detox of any infrared sauna)

* Far infrared shiatsu massage bed (stimulates spinal nerves and meridians and helps to decalcify the sacrum)

The above four pieces of equipment are all solo pieces and can only be used one at time.

During the week of your 5 day fast starting Monday 6th you will be able to book yourself in for sessions at Pure Wellbeing. We'll endeavour to ensure that everyone gets to use the equipment they choose each day. Timing and availability will depend on numbers of participants.

•   Any produce and supplements you purchase.

•   The 5 day program of daily morning group sessions is $200 for the 5 days. If you are unable to attend any of these sessions, you will still receive notes on each day’s information via email.

•   The morning Body & Breath class will be $10 each class.

•   Equipment Fees:

We offer you two options -

1. A cost of $500 to use four of the following pieces of equipment each day. That’s 20 sessions spread over the week.

- Hyperbaric Oxygen - 90 min session

- Ozone Vibrosaun - 60 min session

- Infrared Sauna -  60 min session

- Shiatsu Bed - 30 min session

- PEMF Mat - 30 min session

2. If you just want one or two sessions on the equipment, single prices are as follows:

- Hyperbaric Oxygen $40 - 90 min session
- Ozone Vibrosaun $35 - 60 min
- Infrared Sauna $30 - 60 min
- Shiatsu Bed $20 - 30 min
- PEMF Mat $20 - 30 min session

Other Equipment and Resources
We have a limited number of other pieces of equipment which you can hire to take home for the week eg. circulation boosters (reflexology machines), a Chi Lymphasiser etc.

BONUS - a movie nite! We have a large projector screen at PW and access to a selection of health and detoxification documentaries. Together we'll establish a time to get cosy on the mattresses and get out the popcorn - ooops NO NO popcorn - perhaps an evening juice!

The retreat will be guided by fasting and detoxification specialists Jules Barber & Michael Hayman who together have had led fasting and detoxification retreats for over 20 years.

Enquiries: please contact Jules at lovinglivingnz@gmail.com or 022 327 0582

Registration: If you are joining by Zoom we have plenty of spaces but in person at Pure Wellbeing numbers are limited. Please register now on the above right.  

Cancellation Policy

  • Full refunds are provided up to 2 weeks before the program starts
  • No refunds or transfers are available within 48 hours of the start of the program
  • You may transfer your booking to a future program, with a $25 transfer fee