Detox Foot Patches

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Detox Foot Patches



We all wonder why we do the right thing and yet still feel tired. It’s simple. The basic management of daily metabolic functions is taking place in a seriously polluted body.


"Every person alive today is a chemistry experiment."


The amazing numbers of chemicals in the human body would stock a pharmacy. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are in an unstable form and readily unite with other invasive compounds, creating toxicity unknown in our human history.

By stimulating the reflexology points and the blood circulation the Footsies program comprises one of the most proactive and convenient ways to remove toxins and heavy metals.

Heavy metals are some of the most destructive toxins that end up in our bodies; they are hidden in everyday food and drinks. A build up of heavy metals can interfere with the normal functioning of the body and may result in any array of symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, gout, headaches, skin rashes, anxiety, obesity, infertility, diminished memory and anaemia and can lead to more serious illnesses. Many heavy metals block the body's ability to absorb various nutrients.

Many heavy metals block the body's ability to absorb nutrients.

For example:

  • Aluminium blocks Vitamin C, E, B1, Zinc, Selenium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus
  • Arsenic blocks Vitamin E, Selenium, Sulphur;
  • Cadmium blocks Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, Sulphur;
  • Cooper blocks Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C & E;
  • Lead blocks Iron, Calcium, Molybdenum and
  • Mercury blocks Zinc, Selenium, Iron.

An estimated 25% of the population suffer from some form of heavy metal toxicity. 

By stimulating the reflexology points and the blood circulation the Footsies program comprises one of the most proactive and convenient ways to remove toxins and heavy metals.

The sole of your foot contains more than 60 reflexology points which means it is a very energetically active place on your body. Foot Patches help detoxify your body by pulling the toxins out through the soles of your feet. If you look at the picture below you will see how the sole of the foot corresponds and connects to the various organs in your body. 

Try This Test:

If you have any doubts about the connections of the sole of the foot with your organs, (if you are not allergic to garlic), try the following simple experiment.

Cut a clove in half and rub the fresh garlic side on the sole of your foot (for around 45 seconds) and within a few minutes, you will be able to detect a garlic taste in your mouth.

By placing foot patches on the back of the foot the powder, made of Japanese Oak Sap and Bamboo Vinegar, draws out body waste. Five hours after applying the patches the blood circulates to the previous cold feet and raises the temperature of the feet. The red coloured portion of the heatscan below indicates the temperature rising caused by the "medicinal herb" in Footsies.

Foot Patches Do Not ease aches and pains by means of heat

They are not like a 'chilli plaster', or a 'deep heat' method. They use Far Infrared Energy to stimulate the reflexology points on the soles of the feet and by doing so, the product affect the whole body's circulation. Foot patches encourage 'self-healing' by promoting improved circulation.

The typical contact points on the body chosen would be the soles of the feet. However, it can also be used in areas where there is discomfort, for example: shoulder, back, knee, ankle, elbow etc.
Toxic Accumulation

Most of us have between 400 to 800 man-made chemicals in our body. Because many of these chemicals are stored by the body, they are not removed by normal kidney/liver elimination processes. Take a look at how you live and you'll see that this is true.

  • Processed foods
  • Chemically enhanced drinks
  • Home air with PBDE's
  • Medications
  • Stress and metabolic process
  • Disease
  • Parasites
  • Dermal sprays
  • Dust
  • Pollens
  • Home cleaning chemicals,
  • Chemicals in the workplace

Daily accumulation in the body makes our internal organs more prone to disease.

We are blessed with an natural immunity process evolved over centuries of living in  a relatively  toxin free world. The last 200 years has changed the rules, but our bodies cannot adjust this fast. Our immune system works from a base of a healthy balanced body, capable of toxin excretion and clean food absorption.

These products have beeen used in Japan and Korea for centuries to combat fatigue, improve circulation, increase metabolism, improve the quality of sleep, absorption of body toxins and as a general practice to staying healthy, clean and more energetic with none of the possible liver overload associated with detoxifying methods such as fasts, herbs etc. 

Toxins Farthest From The Heart

Chinese health practitioners say that toxins gather as far from the heart as possible. This is the body’s natural way of protecting vital functions.  Traditional Chinese Medicine has long held that as we sleep, toxins gather in the lymph system where the effect of circulation is weakest.

Asian medicine also believes that degenerative aging originates in the foot.  Our feet are termed the 'second heart' and reflexology is based on there being 62 acupuncture points on the feet that correspond with the whole body and have effect upon the whole body.

Toxins are handled by the myriad life functions within the body, and are excreted into the lymph. The lymphatic system is a superb system for riddng the body of these toxins when the bodys in top working order. However, as has been discussed in the works of Dr Linda Frassetto, UC, we are now entering into a period where the body is overwhelmed with acid wastes and toxins, and chooses to preserve the kidney and liver by storing toxins in the body as far away from the vital organs as possible.

Heavy Metals Released

Hair analysis is the process of assessing the body's mineral and toxicity levels over a period of several months. Each hair root, anchored to the scalp, is nourished by a network of delicate blood vessels. These vessels deliver vitamins, minerals and trace elements to the outer layers of the hair shaft and any toxins or drugs present show up during hair analysis. Hair can accumulate more than thirty minerals, trace elements and toxins over a three month growth period. Proponents of hair analysis claim that even the smallest amounts can be detected.

How To Use Foot Patches

Foot Patches are attached to the soles of the  feet last thing at night. An adhesive patch is used at hold them in place, and socks may prevent the patch being rubbed off during sleep. Note that they can also be applied to the palms of the hands, acupuncture points, and over swollen area. Many clients experiement with placement with some amazing results
Patches come sealed in a clear packet to preserve them. Break the seal. You will see the all-natural ngredients inside the patch, just like a tea bag. Place the patch onto an adhesive sheet, and adhere the patch and sheet to the area you want to concentrate upon. Patches perform at their best if used during the body's natural house-cleaning overnight cycle.

Some users will move two patches from one sole area to another, while others prefer to keep using two patches on one spot until the patches no longer appear soaked in the morning.

You can use from two per night to six per night.

You can also use them on other parts of the body plus the feet.

Do not place patches over eyes or on broken skin.

In the morning, remove the adhesive and check.

They are clear in colour when applied, and become light to dark brown and with varying degrees of moisture. In some cases they will smell foul.

Checking Your Progress

As you progress, expect the patches to become drier after use. Choose your own regimen. Our own experience has been to use them for 3 nights and then stop for 3 nights.

Ingredients in Foot Patches

All ingredients are natural and include Tree Vinegar, Vitamin C and herbs. Dehydrated tree saps sterilize and absorb. This is the foundation of their ability to assist in disease prevention by reduction of body toxicity.

There is no greater 'storehouse' of ancient knowledge in relation to medical botany and herbals than in traditional Chinese medicine. In the West, we are just beginning to understand a few of the secrets to healing that the Chinese have used for centuries.

FAQ's about Our Foot Patches

Q. How do I know if I need a detox?
A detox may be beneficial if you:


    * have pre-existing illness;
    * often eat fast, fried or refined foods;
    * carry extra weight or overeat;
    * suffer from headaches or aches and pains; consumer caffeine or sugar;
    * have high blood pressure or blood cholesterol;
    * experience constipation or digestive problems;
    * often feel tired or experience fatigue;
    * have allergies to foods or the environment;
    * regularly take drugs or prescription drugs; or
    * smoke or abuse alcohol

Q. When will I notice a difference?

We have many cases of people reporting benefits after just one use however normally it will take the average person 3 to 4 days to notice anything assuming there are specific needs you are addressing.

Most users notice a better quality of sleep after two to three nights using Foot patches. They also report feeling fresher in the morning, symptoms from pre-existing illnesses - for example, gout, arthritis, anxiety or depression problems - may lessen.

Depending on a number of factors, some users may require up to a couple of weeks to sense something positive. Rest assured, during this time, toxins are being removed and it will assist with improving health, reduction of disease, strengthening your immune system and gaining more energy.

Q. For how long should I use Foot patches?

You will start to feel the effects of using Foot patches within 3 to 4 days of use when placing them on the soles of the feet (2 patches, one on the sole of each foot). How long you use them depends on your conditions or complaints.

We would recommend that you use 2 or 3 packets (a month) and then proceed to a maintenance program of using foot patches once or twice a week.

Obviously, you can use them as long as you see the need and have results. A`patch that is still dry in the morning can be re-used.
Check the color of the patches after use. The patches become lighter after every use. Patches may be stopped when pads are no longer become discolored after use.

Q. Are Foot Patches safe to use?

Yes. Foot patches are applied externally and nothing is ingested nor injected. Foot patches do not deliver any chemicals into your body and they merely support your body's innate functions. It is therefore very safe. The powder is acidic however not any more so than the natural acidity of your skin.

Q. Are there any side effects?

As with any detox program, Foot Patches may leave you feeling slightly weak, fatigued or nauseaous in the first couple of days. Some mild headaches may also occur. These symptoms will improve as the treatment progresses.

Q. Why do my joints hurt even more?

Everyone responds to the healing process different. Some may experience a so-called healing crisis and users who experience this symptom are most likely to be those whose problems are chronic, or 'old' complaints. It is most likely that such users will find that the discomfort is tolerable and that it will disappear in a day or two with continued use of the pouch.

An excellent example is to relate to the experience of those who have tried acupressure on the feet. It may hurt a lot during the process, but, the recovery afterwards is promoted by it.

Q. Why am I so tired?

Your body may require extra sleep as it starts to extract the toxins from your body

Q. What are the benefits of detoxifying using Foot Patches?

Detoxifying using Foot Patches program can result in a much improved blood circulation, the proper elimination of waste, and free movement of the lymphatic fluids. This translates to a feeling of vigor, easing of muscle and joint pains, improved immune system, and better sleep.

Q. Can Foot patches ease pain caused by arthritis and gout?

Many users of Foot Patches feel relief from their long-standing pain caused from gout and arthritis, as well as rheumatism. This effect can be felt immediately on the use.

Q. Are there any side effects from using Foot patches?

As with any detox program there can side effects such as mild nausea, headaches or requiring more sleep. To ensure there are no side effects from the plasters used to hold the patches on a very mild glue has been used.

Q. Do I have to use Foot patches only on my feet?

No. In fact Foot patches can be used on other areas for a localized effect. Among the areas known to react well with Foot patches are the shoulder blades, lower back, back of the neck, knees, and ankles.

You cannot stick Foot patches anywhere on the body and expect results. The specific area must have meridians that can react to the wood vinegar. A good indication is the discoloration of the pads after use.

Q. I wriggle a lot in my sleep - will Foot Patches fall off?

They can and it is a good idea idea to put on socks to prevent the patches from coming off.

Q. I am allergic to shellfish and/or capsicum/pepper, can I use Foot Patches?

We have four Foot Patches available and we would recommend the Footsies Non-Allergy ones & The DetoxPatch Super Gold ones for vegans or people who have extreme allergies.

Q. What else can I do to assist with the detoxifying process?

    * Ensure you drink around 2 to 3 litres of filtered (alkaline ionised water is best) water each day
    * Remove toxins from your everyday environment and diet. Ensure the food and drink you consume are as natural s possible.
    * Use natural alternatives for household cleaners and other chemical products.





"My husband has had great results with gout. He put 2 on his foot when he felt the gout coming on. The following day he did the same. By day three there was no gout. Amazing. Usually when he gets gout it lasts for weeks and weeks and not much helps it. We have told our friend who suffers from the same, we will give him some to try. I am just keeping them on hand for if and when the gout reappears. The footsies are really fantastic, thank you."

From Melinda

Auto-immune disease causing liver problems

"Since being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease this has affected my liver. I’ve tried many things to try and better my liver results. As well as my organic easting program I am now using Footsies and since starting my results have greatly improved – almost normal. My specialist has said to keep doing what I’m doing and see him again in 12 months. Obviously with these results and feeling much better with more energy etc I recommend these patches to anyone. They’re non invasive, easy to use and give results as proven in my case."

As requested name is withheld

Arthritis and fluid retention

"You were kind enough to send me two patches as a trial (for which I was most appreciative and impressed!)

I have arthritis in both ankles and have had fluid in my ankles and feet for 2.5 years, causing a lot of pain. In particular, first thing in the morning it was difficult and painful to take my first ten stps on arising. I am most impressed to report that I had a significant result and reduction in the fluid anc constant aching in just one night - I am up to my seventh day with these results, from that using the patches just once.I was so impressed I have told about 6 people in the last few days.

ps I can't wait to try it for longer for my long standing chronic eczma.

Maree of Beverley WA

The following are outcomes from a Study of 59 Children Treated Biomedically (non-drug therapy methods) - taken from improvements attributed to the Footpad Chelation Trial Section. ‘Michael Sichel DO ND PhD, Fountaindale Clinic,  PO Box 5054, Ourimbah, NSW 2261.  Phone: 02 43 622 458

Slept Trough the Night for the First Time in 2 years!

‘Jack’ (4 yr, male) Pediatric Assessment Westmead Childrens Hospital:ADHD ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) Father: Surgeon. Mother: Director, Special Education facility, writes (October 2005):

"Let me tell you something amazing that really confirmed for me that we were on the right path with your program. As I told you before J. has stopped all of his Asthma and Allergies medications for the first time since he was 20months old. Unfortunately after numerous tests that they had done on him none of the doctors could confirm what was wrong with him they all said that he either had episodic Asthma, Allergies, Rhinitis or excessive saliva. Therefore he was on 5 different medications morning and night. Even without one of them he was never able to sleep through the night. He even had a sleep study done which showed nothing. Just before we came to see you he was not even sleeping with all the medication. The first night of the footsies and voila, he slept through the night for the first time in 2 ½ years !”

Sleep & Expressive Language Improves

B.G. (5 yr, male) PDD (Pervasive Development Disorder)/N.O.S. pediatric diagnosis. 
"Have used footsies for 30 days – immediately woke better not as groggy & able to get into things. Generally more switched on & some words some days"

Lost Boy Finds Himself

T.B. (4 yr,male) Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum

"Since starting the Footsies his speech is better. Has started using the word “I”. Has never referred to himself as “I” before. We are very happy with this.”


Eye/Hand Co-ordination & Speech

E.C. (5 yr, male) Autism diagnosed.
Mother: “Noticed co-ordination is much better since using Footsies (1 week). His father was away for 2 weeks and noticed huge improvement with ball skills. Preschool and swimming teachers have also commented on improvements – treatment is just magic!”.  “huge improvement”

Lost Speech Restored

F.D (5 yr,male) diagnosed autism. 
"This boy had lost all expressive language after DTP vaccine. He had previously had a good vocabulary. He still had words, but they were ‘jumbled’, and language was incomprehensible. “We had to use the Low Allergy Footsies for our boy, but then ran out and you said you were out of them also. So, we only used the Footsies on one foot per night , alternating the foot every other night. In three weeks his speech has returned!”


Boy Becomes Social

"We have had the footsies now for 2 months and J…is becoming very social and has friends at kindy now and started drawing pictures instead of writing words all the time, also he sings all the xmas carols they are learning at kindy and his teacher said he walked flat feet all day the other day and she didnt have to tell him to get down on his heals, yahoo!!

Mother of J….


Ingredients Used in Our Foot Patches

Ubame Oak from Kyushu Island, Japan.
Wood Vinegar
Source: Ubame Oak (Quercus Phillyraeoides)
Ubame Oak, Quercus phillyraeoides, is placed in the furnace and heated up to 250 degrees Celsius. The smoke is then condensed into the vinegar. The next step is to filter the vinegar at least 5 times, to obtain maximum purity. It is then stored for 6 months to mature. The middle layer of the vinegar is then filtered off and used in the finished product.

To obtain the powder, the vinegar is then again heated, condensed, and then dried with a special drying machine before our quality inspection is performed. This process yields a very high concentrate extract with an extremely high level of purity.

Wood vinegar is known to be able to improve our blood circulation. This improved circulation can lead to relief from fatigue, headache, double vision, blood pressure, arthritis, and many other similar symptoms.

Pseudosasa Japonica, native arrow bamboo from Shikoku Island, Japan.
Bamboo Vinegar
Source: Arrow Bamboo (Pseudosasa Japonica)
Arrow bamboo, Pseudosasa Japonica, is placed into the furnace and is heated up to 250 degrees Celsius. The smoke is then condensed into the vinegar. The next step is to filter the vinegar at least 5 times, to obtain purity. As with the wood vinegar it is then stored for 6 months to reach maturity. The middle layer of this vinegar is again used in the finished product.

To obtain the powder, the vinegar is then again heated, condensed, and then dried with a special drying machine before our quality inspection is performed. This process yields a very high concentrate extract with an extremely high level of purity.

Bamboo vinegar is said to have double the effect of the wood vinegar. This is due to its rarity. Bamboo vinegar costs almost twice as much as wood vinegar to manufacture.

Processed mushroom chitosan from Kikugawa, Shizuoka in Japan.
Source: Mushroom (Starting March 1st, 2009)
Chitosan is the result of the biomass research; in the old days it was extracted from the shell of a 'crab shrimp'. Kenrico Sap Sheet utilizes chitosan processed from organic mushroom in accordance to its organic standard. Chitosan products have been used now for over 30 years by water companies to trap toxins, grease, heavy metals, and oils. It is the second most plentiful fibre, after cellulose. Chitosan products are also used extensively by the medical profession due to their remarkable ability to promote wound healing to injuries such as burns and skin inflammation.

Extensive studies have also been carried out to determine its fat binding properties. The results found it to lower LDL, bad cholesterol by 6%, and enhance the HDL, good cholesterol by 10%. Mushroom chitosan has also been successfully marketed as a weight loss supplement.

Dokudami leaves from the herbal garden in Kanaya, Shizuoka.
Source: Houttuynia cordata
This plant is native to Japan, Java and Nepal, and is found at altitudes of over 6200 feet. It has been proved to contain a variety of flavoids, flavonoid glycosides (afzerin, quercitrin, isoquercitrin) and pyridine alkaloids. Its essential oil was found to consist mainly of decanal (capry aldehyd), dodecanal (lauryl aldehyd) and 2-hendecanon (methyl nonyl ketone). It has been recognized for generations for its strong absorption properties.

Eriobotrya Japonica, selected from a local farm in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.
Loquat Leaf
Source: Loquat leaf (Eriobotrya Japonica)
There is over 3000 years of history behind 'muxibustion therapies' and this leaf has been used extensively in Buddhist medicine for centuries. In India, it is widely used to treat many conditions, resulting in it being crowned the king of all herbal medicines.

The Loquat leaf contains malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, tannate, carotene, vitamins A, B and C. Its leaves and kernel contain amygdalin, otherwise known as vitamin B17, or laetrile. It is known because of its ability to promote the secretion of body fluids and it also has antitussive, expectorant, antiemetic properties.

Fresh oranges from orange & grapefruit farm in Mikkabi, here in Shizuoka.
Vitamin C
Source: Orange
It has long been known that human beings do not produce ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Therefore, we need to have a regular intake of this vitamin to maintain optimum health.

    Below is the action of Vitamin C:
  1. Increases HDL (high density lipoprotein) production. (HDL is able to help absorb fat located in plaque. In the process it changes from a disc shape to a globular form of HDL, and takes this fat to the liver to be burned.)
  2. Decreases the production of lipoprotein (a). Our liver knows that when there is plenty of ascorbate on board, there is no need for high levels of lipoprotein (a) which is, after all, a repair factor for the cracks in blood vessel walls which come up in the absence of sufficient ascorbate.)
  3. Down-regulates cholesterol and triglyceride production in the liver.
  4. Lowers blood sugar and insulin requirements.
  5. By relaxing the blood vessel walls, lowers blood pressure when hypertension is present.
  6. Inhibits inappropriate intravascular clot formation (the final and sometimes deadly event in cases of heart attacks and strokes).
Corn fiber from domestic corn.
Vegetable Fiber
Source: Corn (corn fiber)
Vegetable fibre is used to prolong the lifetime of the sap sheet. Its fibre prevents ingredients from hardening due to factors such as humidity.

Our Tourmaline is sourced from Hokkaido Island, Japan.
Source: Tourmaline (semi precious) stone
Tourmaline is a very popular gemstone and collectors mineral. It exists in all colours, and the multicoloured stones are unsurpassed in splendour. Tourmaline is both pyroelectric and piezoelectric. If a specimen is put under pressure, or a temperature change, it will generate an electrical charge.

Tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word Turamali, which was given to mixtures of unidentified gem gravels in Ceylon, now known Sri Lanka. Tourmaline exerts a cleansing and liberating energy upon our entire nervous system, promoting a clearing and stabilizing effect. Tourmaline is best known as one of the only minerals to emit far infrared heat and negative ions. For further reading on far infrared and negative ions, please visit here.

Our Diatomaceous Earth is sourced from Okinawa island, Japan.
Diatomaceous Earth
Source: Diatomaceous Earth
Diatomaceous Earth is a powerful and natural absorbing agent. Diatomaceous earth can generally absorb up to 100% of its own weight in liquid and still exhibit the properties of dry powder. In fact, it's absorbent qualities make it useful for spill cleanup (the U.S. Center for Disease Control actually recommends it to clean up toxic liquid spills). Diatomaceous earth is a natural occurring siliceous sedimentary mineral compound, and has a soft, chalk-like feel to it.

Agaricus mushroom sourced from mountainous farm near the Oigawa river in Shizuoka, Japan.
Source: Agaricus mushroom (Hime Matsutake)
Agaricus Blazei Murrill (Hime-matsutake) is a newly discovered species of mushroom that is attracting the attention of many scientists around the world. Artificial cultivation of this mushroom was achieved for the first time by the Iwaide Fungology Institute, by Dr. Inosuke Iwaide, a professor at Tokyo and Mie Universities, after much trial and error.

This mushroom was presented by professors Hitoshi Ito, Keishiro Shimura and Sensuke Naruse, of the mushroom research group at Mie University medical school, as the highlight at the " 39th General Meeting of Japanese Cancer Academy" in 1980, and is still attracting scientific attention today. Agaricus Blazei Murrill is known to have an anticancer effect and promotes homeostasis. It is also known to be able to relieve diabetes and allergic diseases.

Fresh grapefruit from orange & grapefruit farm in Mikkabi, Shizuoka.
Source: Grapefruit extract
Grapefruit contains pectin, a soluble fibre, which reduces the rate of entry of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, thereby, lowering insulin secretion. Grapefruit and other citrus fruits also protect against cancer. In Japanese studies, grapefruit extract stopped tumour growth after it was injected under the skin of mice. The researchers concluded that the humble grapefruit is a 'remarkable anti-mutagen', a substance that reverses cellular changes that eventually lead to the division and growth of cancer cells.

Grapefruit used in the sap sheet can also be used for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the use of scent items for the harmony and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. It has both physical and psychological benefits and is used as a holistic treatment. The scent of grapefruit promotes feminine properties; soothes, cleanses and tones; benefits nervous system; uplifts the spirit and helps maintain self-confidence.

Fresh cut and ground Cayenne. We use cayenne native to Shizuoka, here in Japan.
Source: Chili peppers
Cayenne pepper, also called Capsicum frutescens, is a stimulating herb made from the dried pods of the chilli pepper and is well known for its pungent taste and smell. Cayenne is a popular spice used in many different regional styles of cooking, but it has also been used medicinally for thousands of years. Cayenne is often referred to as chilli, which is the Aztec name for cayenne pepper.

The main medicinal properties of cayenne are derived from a chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin is the ingredient which gives peppers their HEAT. A pepper's capsaicin content ranges from 0-1.5%. Peppers are measured according to heat units. The degree of heat determines the peppers' usage and value. Generally, the hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin it contains. In addition to adding heat to the pepper, capsaicin acts to reduce platelet stickiness and relieve pain. Other constituents of cayenne are vitamins E, vitamin C and carotenoids.

Today, cayenne is used worldwide to treat a variety of health conditions, including poor circulation, weak digestion, heart disease, chronic pain, sore throats, headaches and toothache.

Domestic corn and corn flour before undergoing further processing.
Source: Corn flour
Dextrin is a product of starch hydrolysis, a carbohydrate having the same general molecular structure as starch but with a smaller and less complex molecule with adhesive properties. Its presence is necessary in our Sap Sheets as a filler, and also to bind other ingredients together. Beware of claims for Sap Sheet made without dextrin, as this is misleading. Without dextrin, Sap Sheets will not work, like a car running without tyres. However, keeping the amount of dextrin low in the Sap Sheet is the best way to achieve optimum results. Sap sheets with high amounts of dextrin, and with low amounts of vinegar, gives less benefit and poor results, although the smell of the vinegar is less pungent.

We stock Three Footsies Brand Foot Patches which are made in Japan


Footsies are classified as a therapeutic medical device in Australia (ARTG 151147).  Footsies are a revolutionary innovative foot patch exclusively formulated and produced by a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer.  

The Footsies Program harnesses the power of traditional Eastern therapies, mixes them together with Eastern herbs and unites with today's most advanced scientific innovations to complement the body's own healing potential

You can sleep easy knowing you have selected the highest quality foot patches available.

Footsies Are Medically Proven

Footsies carry out continuous research and have the results for the following:

    * hair analysis showing heavy metals being reduced through the use of Footsies;
    * Alpha brain waves being increased;
    * Far infrared rays being emitted from the patches;
    * Negative ions are emitted from the patches;
    * Safety tests to ensure the Footsies contain only first grade and the highest quality ingredients available.

Negative Ions Produced

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules that create positive and liberating vibes. You breath deeper, your oxygen flow increases, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness and more energy. Wake up looking revitalised.

Our latest negative ions results are just in. For negative ion results to be accurate the testing needs to be completed by a respected laboratory with proper equipment.

Below are the results of negative ions in normal every day environments:

150 ion/cms: room with windows
600 ion/cm3: near a river 1000 ion/cm3: near a large fountain
3000 ion/cm3: near a waterfall around half the size of Niagara
500 - 2000 ion/cm3: near a large Tourmaline stone

Footsies were tested by a specialised Ion US Information Laboratory. The official measurement of negative ions produced by Footsies foot patches for the highest peak is 3,850 unit/cm3 while static (sitting or sleeping) and 9,700 unit/cm3 when friction is involved (ie walking).

Safety Tests

We continue to test the patches yearly and this continuous research and yearly testing enable us to ensure we meticulously select only premium quality ingredients.

Footsies have passed the following safety tests:

* USB Microbial Limit Validation Tests
* Micro limits tests - USP
* Primary Skin Irritation (FHSA)

* GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) Quality System Certification

Footsies have been formulated by a pharmaceutical laboratory with GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) Certification guaranteeing that every patch is created using a specific formula following the highest standard of manufacturing..


Footsies: Extra


Our legendary patches, containing red pepper for extra strength, which soothes the senses & refreshes the mind.

Wood Vinegar                             0.60g
Bamboo Vinegar                         1.00g
Chitin and Chitosan                     0.04g
Loquat Leaf                                 0.04g
Dokudami: Jouttuynia Cordata      0.06g
Vitamin C                                   0.04g
Vegetable Fibre                           0.80g
Red pepper                                 0.20g
Dextrin                                       1.22g


Footsies: Tranquillity


Containing 50% tourmaline, a gem stone legendary for being able to emit far infrared rays and negative ions. Most other brands on the market only have 30% or 40%


Tourmaline                                  2.00g
Wood Vinegar                             0.60g
Bamboo Vinegar                          0.60g
Chitin and Chitosan                      0.04g
Loquat Leaf                                  0.04g
Dokudami: Houttuynia Cordata       0.04g
Vitamin C                                    0.04g
Vegetable Fibre                            0.20g
Dextrin                                        0.44g


Footsies: Allergy Free

Free of chitosan and pepper making them great for vegans and people with extreme allergies.


Wood Vinegar                              0.60g
Bamboo Vinegar                          0.60g
Vitamin C                                    0.04g
Vegetable Fibre                            0.80g
Dextrin                                        1.96g

Footsies Foot Patches: Box of 4: Tranquillity

Larger picture

Footsies Foot Patches: Box of 20: Tranquillity

Larger picture

Footsies Foot Patches: Box of 4: Extra

Larger picture

Footsies Foot Patches: Box of 20: Extra

Larger picture

Footsies Foot Patches: Box of 4: Allergy-Free

Larger picture

Footsies Foot Patches: Box of 20: Allergy-Free

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Medical Disclaimer


All information is provided on this site & about the products sold & in the classes & retreats for educational & informational purposes only & no health claims whatsover are made for anything on this website.  Although we make every effort to keep our information accurate and up-to-date, the information contained in this website is not intended and must not be taken to be the provision of health claims or provision or practice of medical advice or services nor a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions or concerns about your health or treatment or would like more information, contact a qualified health professional. Contact a qualified health professional before starting or changing any treatment.